All about Fast Online Loan

Good Finance is another loan company whose offer we are scanning. What does the process look like, who can apply for a quick loan and will you get the first payday loan in Good Finance for free? 

At Good Finance, you can apply from any device with Internet access. All you need is your ID card, permanent source of income, your own bank account, telephone number, and email address. You should be between 19 and 73 years old.

Good Finance – the first loan for free, APR 0.00%


If you haven’t used Good Finance services so far, I have good news for you. You can borrow up to USD 3,000 for 30 days for free. In the promotional offer, the cost of the loan is USD 0 and the APRC is 0%.

This means that you give back exactly as much as you borrowed and not a zloty more. You do not pay interest, commissions or any other costs. It’s really a Good Finance!

Good Finance – payday loans for regular customers


If you have already borrowed and pay back the loan on time, you can take advantage of the next offer within the loyalty program created at Good Finance. Each subsequent payment of payday loans is an additional discount for you. You can save up to 25% of the cost by logging into the site.

Good Finance – log in and registration

To take a loan at Good Finance:


Log in to the system – enter your PESEL number and temporary password;

Change the temporary password to your own;

Select the amount and repayment period of the online loan;

Confirm your chosen loan option.

If you want to take a loan at Good Finance, register your customer account first. How to do it? Go to the lender’s website, then select the loan amount, repayment period and fill out the registration form, then use express bank verification via the Kontomatik service.

If you choose this solution, you will not have to make a verification transfer (USD 0.01). After registration, collect the temporary password (it will come in an SMS) and enter it on the website together with your PESEL number.

Refinancing Good Finances


Everyone may experience temporary liquidity problems. Before the debt collection calls you, take advantage of the loan refinancing option.

How can you do that All you have to do is log in to your Good Finance account, confirm your willingness to extend the repayment and make the transfer for the amount indicated?

Thanks to this, you will be able to postpone the repayment date of the loan by another period in order to have more time for its full repayment.

Good Finance – for whom payday loans online?

You will receive a loan – online payday loan if:

• you are between 19 and 73 years old,

• you are a Polish citizen,

• you are currently employed ,

• you have not been entered in any register of debtors .

You can get money in a few minutes from the moment of issuing a credit decision if you have a personal account in Good Finance. Otherwise, the payout time may be longer, but it will not last longer than 24 hours from the time the positive loan decision is issued.


You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of its conclusion. If you want to withdraw from the contract, you must send the correct statement to the lender’s address.

Good Finance – reviews

Good Finance has good opinions among borrowers. They rate best a simple and intuitive website, interesting promotions, quick loan decision and options with refinancing loans.


How to get consumer loan?



There are some methods that are followed when calculating consumer loan. Consumer loan purchases were initially subject to very harsh conditions. However, the competitive environment between banks paved the way for loans. Now, general purpose loans can be given much more easily. Of course, the way to get appropriate interest and acceptance when you get a general purpose loan is to have a high credit rating.

Consumer loans fall within the scope of consumer loans and consumer loans of banks. Within this loan; You can meet your needs such as marriage, holiday, buying things. Now, the scope of general purpose loans has been expanded and the opportunity to extend loans to different branches has been opened.

What is Consumer Loan?

What is Consumer Loan?

Before mentioning the most suitable interest-free loan calculation tools, it should be mentioned what the general purpose loan is. Necessary loans include consumer loans and consumer loans from the loan types given by banks. Under this loan, customers are provided with cash support to meet almost any needs. Necessary loans are given with a lower limit than other loans. Some banks have broadened the concept of general purpose loans and offer loans with very low limits. Telephone and electronic goods loans are the most typical example of this.

Income Required to Use Consumer Loans

Income Required to Use Consumer Loans

Credit calculation is not calculated as in mortgage loans. Generally, each loan type has its own calculation method. While more detailed information and conditions are requested from the customer in loans such as housing and vehicles, you will see that this situation is slightly lessened in general purpose loans. In any case, the income that you will show before taking a loan from banks should be a recordable income.

You also need to have an income that matches the amount of credit you want to withdraw. Otherwise, it will be understood by you and the bank that you cannot pay this loan. While the banks give importance to the payment plan, the customer should also give importance. Generally, it is required to have at least twice the monthly installment rate of the loan to be withdrawn.

Documents Required to Use Consumer Loans

Documents Required to Use Consumer Loans

People who are curious about topics such as housing loan calculation tool are people who want to use housing loans. However, general purpose loans are arranged in different ways than these calculations and documents. People who want to use general loan must apply with some documents. These documents may vary depending on the person’s status and profession. However, the required documents are listed as follows:

  1. Payroll
  2. Certificate of residence
  3. Title copy
  4. breakdown
  5. Circular circular workplace signature
  6. Vehicle license or invoice

These documents are sometimes requested with deficiencies and sometimes with excesses.


Loans to housewives – how to get it



Banks’ rating credits and income documents are among the main points that banks give when they evaluate their applications. It is found in some banks that do not worry about these two factors, especially, which reduces the possibility of loans to housewives not working. These institutions offer the opportunity to take loans to housewives who do not work.

Housewives Loan Application

Housewives Loan Application

Bank offers everyone a loan opportunity without worrying about its credit rating. Applications can only be made online, but anyone over the age of 18 who has no risk or intelligence can apply. Within the scope, you can make your loan applications between 2,000 dollars and 60,000 dollars. In addition, the lowest maturity in this loan is 3 months and the highest in 60 months. With interest rates ranging from 2.59% to 2.79%.

You can easily make your application by following the steps shown on the website. After completing your application, the approval process of the loan takes only 3 minutes. If your loan is approved, the bank will call you and send it to the courier to sign the necessary documents.

Can Housewives Get Credits?

Can Housewives Get Credits?

While the housewives take credit from the bank, the first point that the banks look at is the person’s credit score. Credit score is a financial assessment calculated by the Credit Registration Bureau, taking into account the conditions such as the individual loan and credit note payment scheme, how many loans they have, how many loans they have applied, the current debt situation. This score is seen by all banks and banks evaluate people according to this score. If your credit score is low, you need to increase it.

There is an income certificate among the documents requested by banks when taking loans. However, while housewives request loans, if they do not have income documents, they can withdraw loans by showing guarantee or guarantee. If the person you show as a guarantor has a high credit rating and is a civil servant, that is, having a regular income will increase your chances of withdrawing. What are you waiting for? Take out one of this loan


Public Loan – Eligible Interest Rates



When it comes to public credit, things like not only public employees are loaned or loaned to the public, but it doesn’t make much sense. Banks prepare their private loan offers privately. In general, public employees do not have much trouble in using loans. Of course, high salary and state security is a big factor in this.

Public Credit Opportunities

Public Credit Opportunities

Each bank offers loan opportunities to public employees through various campaigns. Now let’s come on how they have opportunities, what kind of interests do banks have from this job…

Of course, it is a great pleasure for the bank if the banks have the biggest interest, a new customer, or if we have a citizen who has an old debt with a loan opportunity, to reset his debt and get the money back from the bank with interest.

Whether you are a noncommissioned officer, an officer or a regular soldier, you must meet the criteria and conditions required by banks for loan application. So what are these conditions?

Although you have a steady income, you also have a bank swap situation, or if you have been followed by banks and have been enforced, your loan application is very likely to be disapproved.

One of the highest reasons for the approval of public loans is that the applicant’s public employee has a high credit rating.

Public Loan Application Requirements

  • The first condition to apply for a loan is to be at least 18 years old.
  • Identity card with a identity number or a substitute document
  • Certificate of income; Public Employee: Public current employment document, income document

Public employees can use general purpose loans for whatever needs

Public employees can use general purpose loans for whatever needs

You can use it for all your needs, from marriage to electronic goods, from household goods to holidays, from white goods to the education of your children.

  • Anyone over the age of 18 who has no risk and intelligence and documents his income can benefit from this loan.
  • The installment of the loan should not exceed 50% of the monthly average income of the household (total income of the person and his wife).
  • Credit Life Insurance is taken out.
  • Mortgage / housing mortgage can be taken as collateral for highly consistent general purpose loans (for example, Mortgage Loan).

Although public employees receive high salaries and government guarantees, the rules and conditions of banks are fixed and do not make personal privileges.

Banks are commercial institutions and they never want to give credit without making a profit. When public employees apply for loans, their credit scores are checked and public employees who do not have high credit scores have difficulty approving loans.

In fact, all banks want to give loans to public employees. However, the right application positively affects the interest rates of the public loan and accelerates the loan approval process.

As a credit consulting firm, our customer representatives are ready to make the most accurate application with the most special loan interest opportunities for public employees.